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Happy Hour and Happy Thanksgiving

The Leith Cars family reminds you to always drink responsibly and don’t partake in these recipes if you’re driving to or from your Thanksgiving gathering. All of us here at Leith Cars are getting excited about Thanksgiving this Thursday. In terms of no-strings-attached holidays, there’s nothing better than an occasion that just asks you to […]

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2014 LA Auto Show: Mercedes-Maybach S600

If you find the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan isn’t S-Classy enough for you, the car of your dreams was just unveiled concurrently at the Los Angeles and Guangzhou Auto Shows. This is the Mercedes-Maybach S600. Nearly a foot longer than the S550, this car is more living room than limousine. To paraphrase Jalopnik, AMG® is to […]

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Mercedes-Benz Names New and Old

This week Mercedes-Benz made two announcements that you’ll want to pay attention to. The first and most important concerns something we knew about previously but not in full detail. Mercedes-Benz is reorienting the naming scheme for its cars. Now before you panic and run out to your car to scrape off the badging or do […]

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Behind the Wheel: The 2015 S550 Coupe

It wasn’t so long ago that we were test-driving the S-Class Sedan, the flagship of flagships and a car that makes the driver feel unnecessary thanks to its onboard adaptive cruise control. It’s a car that makes anyone lucky enough to be sitting in one feel inordinately special on account of the luxury materials that […]

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