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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck: It’s Happening

April Fools has never been one of our favorite days, so you should know that the following statement is delivered with the utmost sincerity: Mercedes-Benz is going to build a pickup truck. Of course it helps our sincerity that this announcement was made last Friday, but it’s close enough that we want to remove all […]

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Apple CarPlay: Getting Sirious about infotainment

As is the case every six months or so, the tech world turned its collective eyes and ears toward California this week as Apple hosted another press event. This “Spring Forward” event focused primarily on the Apple Watch as well as some updates to the company’s highly sought after computers. However, the tech giant also […]

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Restored Mercedes-Benz 280S/8 Runs Good As New

“Drive tastefully,” says Petrolicious, a classic car creative collective that produces short films and articles for fellow enthusiasts. It just doesn’t do to call their work videos, not when they are so lovingly crafted. The Petrolicious crew treats cars as art, and that is how you have to approach their offerings. This film, titled “Bulletproof […]

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