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M178 AMG® Engine Specs Released – Wow, Just Wow

While perusing automotive literature, it’s inevitable that you’ll find an article that covers a “highly anticipated” model or update. This phrasing, though it may be true, rests on the cusp of triteness – we’re self-admitted perpetrators. Working with a brand like Mercedes-Benz, nearly every release is anticipated to the highest degree; that begs the question, […]

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Don’t Miss the ESPY Awards Tonight!

If you’re a sports fan, there might be a current lull in your life with the World Cup now completed and Major League Baseball in the midst of its annual All-Star break. There is no American football to watch or hockey on the ice – even the Ultimate Fighting Championship will not host another major […]

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The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Is a Bevy of Technology

Mercedes-Benz recently announced its plans for an updated CLS-Class in the 2015 release. The automaker confirmed that the model will have multi-beam LED headlights. The new CLS can precisely maneuver the lights to maximize visibility while not compromising other drivers’ ability to see. It is another progressive step in automotive safety. Each headlight features 24 […]

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The Mercedes-Benz Semi-Autonomous Future Truck 2025

Mercedes-Benz champions two keystones that have made it a best-selling luxury brand: quality and innovation. It began in 1886 when Germany awarded Carl Benz a patent for his three-wheel “Motorwagen.” The wagon was a three-wheeled vehicle with a single-cylinder engine mounted to the rear, igniting a firestorm of imagination. Throughout the decades, Mercedes-Benz stayed at […]

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