Archive | June, 2014

ML350 Blends the Best in Automotives

The puffy blanket of clouds suspended the sun’s brightness, encouraging the breeze and spring-greenery to make a jacket seem almost necessary on this gauzy May day. The dealership we were headed to—Mercedes-Benz of Cary—sits at the bottom of a hill. There’s a giant roundabout in front of it that’s great for seeing how much grip […]

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Zetros: Mercedes-Benz’s Mobile Fortress of Luxury

If you have any fear – though incredibly illogical – that the frightening undead apocalypse depicted in The Walking Dead could happen, it seems as though you’re not alone. Two Mongolian businessmen requested that Mercedes-Benz build a self-sustained, mobile fortress equipped with supreme luxury. Though the price is undisclosed, it is safe to assume that […]

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