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Videos and other media relating to the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Restored Mercedes-Benz 280S/8 Runs Good As New

“Drive tastefully,” says Petrolicious, a classic car creative collective that produces short films and articles for fellow enthusiasts. It just doesn’t do to call their work videos, not when they are so lovingly crafted. The Petrolicious crew treats cars as art, and that is how you have to approach their offerings. This film, titled “Bulletproof […]

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Mercedes-Benz Combines a C111, Fashion, and Humor

Mercedes-Benz recently published one of the funniest commercials we’ve ever seen. If you watched Super Bowl XLIX, you probably saw this ad titled “Fable.” In the video, the Mercedes-AMG GT acts as a deus ex machina for the tortoise of Aesop’s famous “The Tortoise and the Hare” story. Those of you with keen memories probably […]

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Mercedes-Benz Performance Series Episode Four

We are excited to present the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy’s Performance Series for a fourth episode. The series serves two purposes: it demonstrates some of the curriculum relished by amateur drivers at the Driving Academy; the tips provided within also give us some insight as to how we can better handle emergency situations on the road. […]

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