Is It Basically Okay to Roll Through Stop Signs Now?

Especially if you have a stick-shift, coming to a complete stop is a bummer. Here’s the deal with where North Carolina is on rolling through stop signs:

Still Illegal, So Don’t Do It

A fine of $100 and three points on your traffic record will have you babbling to a police officer about how you didn’t see it, looked both ways, normally ALWAYS stop (hehe), and will never do it again (hah!).

You and the officer both know that’s not true so we’re telling you right now: the fine is $100 and three traffic points will go on your record. Twelve points within three years will get your license suspended in North Carolina.

Take the hit, bro

Accept that you’re going to stop so fully, you could be zero degrees Kelvin (that’s a science joke for you nerds out there). Your MPG is going straight to the floor.

Guess what? It saves lives. It’s what you’re supposed to do. You don’t get a gold star for recognizing a traffic sign that every schoolchild knows.

If you have a hybrid car, take solace in the wonder of regenerative braking. If you have an electric car, take advantage of your superiority in acceleration compared to a gas vehicle.

Here’s what to do if you’re going to court

So the cop nailed you, and you’re trying to fight it. First off, don’t take video; courts aren’t equipped to play it, and asking the judge to squint into your smartphone will not win you points.

Second, take pictures. They will make your case better than your arguing. Focus on the stop line if it’s faded, any plant growth or obstructions that made it hard to see the sign, and how the sign would have looked to the officer—maybe he or she didn’t have the vantage point they claimed.


There’s no excuse for flaunting the law. Rolling stop signs feels like it’s saving you time, but how much and at what cost? Is three seconds worth risking $100?

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