Mercedes-Benz AMG®: It’s Even Better Than You Think

The history of AMG® begins in 1967 when two passionate engineers began designing, fine-tuning and testing race engines for Mercedes-Benz. Since the inception of AMG®, the philosophy of “One Man, One Engine” still guides its approach to manufacturing. There are fifty AMG® Master Engine Builders housed in a special facility who individually hand build every AMG® engine from first bolt to affixing a plaque, engraved with a personalized signature, to the engine cover. It is an enduring reminder of the heart and soul placed into your vehicle’s performance.

AMG® is much more than the conviction to create superior engines. Mercedes-Benz’s performance division delves into every facet of high-performance to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Skilled craftsmen, designers and engineers work diligently to create highly sought-after vehicles, exceeding expectations and never taking shortcuts.

AMG® engines produce more power with greater efficiency in each successive generation, but it is the obligation of the AMG® transmission to deliver refined muscle with speed and precision – no exceptions. With advanced gearboxes, up to four selectable driving modes, and features derived from racing origins, including dual- or multi-clutch technology, are ready to be taken to task.

Everything in a Mercedes-AMG is engineered for premium responsiveness. Exclusive components and hardware to sophisticated architecture all comprise a system perfected on the track. Even AMG® braking systems are unmatched, employing racing technologies that include heat-conquering compound discs and carbon-ceramic construction. This is what dreams are made of – don’t you agree?

If you’re already drooling, break out the bib and napkins because there’s even more.

AMG’s Performance 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system is 35% lighter than comparable systems without compromising the signature AMG® feel or use of available torque.

What does that mean?

The AMG® is an irresistible force not to be trifled with – so buckle up.

Mercedes-Benz also knows the importance of what you hear when the engine revs, not just what you feel. This is why AMG® exhaust systems are acoustically tuned for optimizing the guttural, almost hostile, utterance we love to hear our cars make when accelerating – or even just firing up the ignition.

It’s no wonder Mercedes-Benz is currently the best-selling luxury automaker in the United States. We’re not gloating, just stating the obvious.

At Mercedes-Benz of Cary, we have AMG-certified technicians. It is one of our greatest honors to be home for such amazing performance handiwork.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Cary.

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