The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Is a Bevy of Technology

Mercedes-Benz recently announced its plans for an updated CLS-Class in the 2015 release. The automaker confirmed that the model will have multi-beam LED headlights. The new CLS can precisely maneuver the lights to maximize visibility while not compromising other drivers’ ability to see. It is another progressive step in automotive safety.

Each headlight features 24 individually-controlled LED modules that distribute light to properly illuminate the roadway ahead, as well as avoid blinding traffic – both oncoming and ahead of you. How do the headlights determine where to aim the modules? A camera, installed behind the windscreen, provides information to four control units that adjust light distribution 100 times per second. Should you approach a vehicle ahead of you, the headlights automatically mask the light path for the other driver.

Living in the eastern part of North Carolina, we don’t have to worry about many winding roads; however, we may encounter them on trips to the mountains in the west or to see family or friends in other states. Traveling on unfamiliar roads requires extra caution at night, which is why the 2015 CLS-Class headlights can swivel outward by up to twelve degrees to light bends before you enter them. There’s also a navigation-based mode that automatically moves the headlamps left and right when approaching roundabouts to ensure visibility.

Most auto experts anticipate the 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class to be revealed in the next few months. Don’t, however, expect that your favorite German automaker hasn’t planned other alterations. The CLS-Class is expected to feature revised powertrain options and a new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission.

We in the United States won’t yet get to enjoy these amazing multi-beam LED headlights. Due to U.S. regulations that require headlights to have separate high- and low-beam modes, the LEDs just don’t satisfy current laws.

Still, cool nonetheless, right?

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