Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts – Prepare for an Exercise in Self-Restraint

When you have a superior car that has sold an impressive 8.3 million units since its inception, it is almost assured that you will need greater means of production – especially when the newest model has a sexy, updated look. Mercedes-Benz took that exact measure to roll out its 2015 C-Class when it decided to concurrently produce the vehicles from four points across the globe: Bremen, Germany; East London, South Africa; Beijing, China; and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That is an ambitious $2.7 billion investment (yes, billion).

Bremen will operate a sort of command center where employees from the three satellite sites will receive extensive training to ensure “competence.” This includes hands-on production line instruction under the most stringent of standards. Up to this point, only the German plant began production of the C-Class as final preparations, including the aforementioned training, are made for the remaining sites. Mercedes-Benz anticipates that all four production factories be fully operational by July of 2014.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a finely-tuned, quality car that exudes both sportiness and luxury. While it is the most diminutive among the classes, let’s be honest: a Mercedes-Benz is a Mercedes-Benz. Despite the car’s smaller stature, the interior has such a smart design that minimizes the space the dash and consoles occupy without sacrificing the luxuries that set this brand apart.

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