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As 2014 quickly approaches, the dedicated staff at Mercedes-Benz of Cary in Cary, North Carolina, feels inspired to make a New Year’s resolution: greater interaction with you, our customers and friends. It is a long-established tradition at this dealership to develop relationships with the community in an effort to accomplish much more than sell cars. In fact, we dislike the word “sales” because it is far too impersonal. What do we do?

We build.

We build rapport through our integrity. We build confidence through our brand’s quality. We build excitement for your new purchase through our enthusiasm. Most importantly, we build a connection with our customers through these qualities.

Interact and Engage

This blog is not here to sell you a car or a part or a service. It is here to provide you insightful and relevant information that hopefully piques your interest in what Mercedes-Benz, and more specifically Mercedes-Benz of Cary, can offer you. Allow our staff to ingratiate itself with you and the surrounding community through a variety of content:

• Brand News
• Outreach
• Ask an Advisor
• Reviews
• How-To
• And more!

You can peruse the posts to satisfy one of the most important facets within the automobile experience: education.
Learning is paramount to making effective decisions. You can learn a lot about a dealership through its employees’ accolades; or about a vehicle through its reviews; or even a safe driving strategy through news updates. The age of the Internet provides sundry information in a variety of platforms, and you can now consider this blog as your new authority on automotives – particularly for the sleek and appealing Mercedes-Benz.

It remains our goal to make you an active participant through contributing input that fosters a constructive dialogue.

We encourage you to…

Read. Repost. Reply.

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