Road & Track: Prius Is Not the Most Fuel Efficient

When you set the standard for an entire industry, the pressure is on to continually improve – and set new standards. Mercedes-Benz experienced record sales last year thanks to a coupling of fresh designs and improved systems. In each class, the German automaker remains unparalleled in the luxury, technology, and safety it offers. Most people believe that a sacrifice comes with such opulence: poor fuel efficiency. That misconception could not be further from the truth.

In fact, the Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC® (diesel) sedan earns better MPG than the Toyota Prius.

Allow us to explain…

Road & Track completed a test drive to challenge the generally accepted “truth” that the Prius was the most fuel efficient vehicle on the road. The highway’s EPA fuel-economy test has traditionally been unkind to diesel engines while rather generous to hybrids, which is part of what makes the results so astounding.

With the route planned out to snake through back roads, highways, and in-town roads, the two drivers were mandated to obey all traffic laws and drive alongside one another. This policy sought to maintain the integrity of the outcome. After 390 miles, the Mercedes-Benz used half of a pint less than the Prius, as well as boasted hundreds of trip miles remaining; meanwhile, the Prius’ dainty gas tank reached its limit.

The Merceds-Benz weighs 1,001 more pounds and reaches 60 MPH 2.7 seconds quicker than the Prius, providing the security and power that a Toyota just cannot match. And the E250 was able to reach these speeds and artfully dance through the roadways with incredible silence. That’s the precision of German engineering.

You can read the entire article here.

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