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Check Out Mercedes-Benz Releases at 2014 NAIAS

Today marks the start of the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Between now and January 17th, the most prominent automakers will introduce their newest models in an effort to acquire greater interest from the public. Keynote speeches and glamorous unveilings are the event’s primary strategies that vie for the admiration of […]

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The Definition of Luxury and Progress is Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has always been about excellence. Through years of research and development, its innovations have engendered envy in competitors and awe in consumers. While some progress has been purely mechanical, Mercedes-Benz maintains focus on the human element of the industry: the driver. That is why on January  1st, 2014, at the San Diego International Auto […]

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Mercedes-Benz AMG®: It’s Even Better Than You Think

The history of AMG® begins in 1967 when two passionate engineers began designing, fine-tuning and testing race engines for Mercedes-Benz. Since the inception of AMG®, the philosophy of “One Man, One Engine” still guides its approach to manufacturing. There are fifty AMG® Master Engine Builders housed in a special facility who individually hand build every […]

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