The Mercedes-Benz AMG® Driving Academy – You Read That Correctly

If you’ve ever watched a video of some lucky Car and Driver or Top Gear car enthusiast treat a closed track like his own personal playpen and absolutely coveted the fun he or she had, then you should sit down before reading any further.

On an average test-drive, consumers are limited by the same traffic laws that keep us safe. This is especially detrimental when behind the wheel of a performance vehicle, like a Mercedes-Benz AMG® model. From igniting the engine to accelerating out of a sharp bend, an AMG® pulses with strength. It’s the ultimate tease: look at the apple, but don’t you dare bite it.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG® Driving Academy doesn’t just let you bite one apple. It allows you to gorge on an entire bushel. For one to three days, contingent upon the package bought, you can relish pushing the limits and honing your James Bond-ish getaway driving skills. Practice line techniques, reach top speeds, learn how to perfectly round corners, and much more with some of the automotive industry’s most qualified instructors.

At the AMG® Driving School, you can select the package that best suits your interests and skill level. The system is tiered with increasing difficulty, ranging from Basic to Professional. Keep in mind that there are prerequisites for the Advanced and Pro levels, so you must have completed an easier class from AMG® or a comparable driving school.


This is the class that will take drivers from a crawl to a walk. Well, more like from a crawl to an uncanny sprint. You’ll earn the right to call yourself a true driver – not just some mere motorist. With the basic package, the professionals will have you for an entire day, practicing line techniques, cornering, and reaching top speeds you surely haven’t while driving on any American freeway. From morning to the afternoon, you’ll master controlling maneuvers and learn the vehicle dynamics, then utilize those new skills on a high-speed track.

Best of all: it prepares you for the Advanced course.


The Advanced Training class gets you on the track for two complete days. Those enhanced driving abilities you acquired with the Basic package will come in handy as you delve into detailed training and technical on-track instruction. You’ll also receive the benefit of onboard diagnostics and computer analysis to track your progress.

On the first day, the AMG® Driving Academy hosts a welcome reception and provides dinner later in the evening.

Now, only one question remains: Do you want to call yourself a pro?


This three-day driving event maximizes the speed, challenges, and exhilaration you’ll experience at the AMG® Driving Academy. The instructors reserve the open lapping on the track for this tier, allowing for optimal skill improvement. You will never feel more confident behind the wheel of a car with the racetrack mastery yielded from our superior curriculum.

Thrills like the AMG® Driving Academy are a rarity, so we strongly suggest that you browse the site and consider becoming a graduate of the academy.

If you already know the amazing performance of the AMG® line, stop down at Mercedes-Benz of Cary, for we have a great inventory of AMG® models, as well as technicians specifically certified to perform work on them.

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