Spring Pollen Protection for Your Gorgeous Mercedes-Benz

Though the wintry weather finally transitioned to mild breezes and sunshine, another nuisance arises to succeed dastardly road salts: pollen. This problematic consequence of springtime triggers more damage than most likely expect. The microbes of pollen are not only viscous and barbed, they are also acidic. These properties can ruin a vehicle’s paint, as well as cause scratches when removed. April is Car Care Month, so we at Mercedes-Benz of Cary want to offer you a few tips that can prevent damage from pollen.


Exterior Care

Okay. Okay. You probably rolled your eyes – it’s an obvious one. You, however, may not realize just how important it is for the exterior of your car to receive an extensive cleaning during the spring in North Carolina. That is because pollen, though it appears smooth, is quite abrasive and can cause scratches. It is paramount that you apply wax to the car following a thorough washing, for pollen will not stick to the paint as easily. The vehicle will need periodic rinsing contingent upon weather and pollen forecasts.
There are dozens of car wax brands on the market, so it can be a daunting task for some. Our expert service technicians here at Mercedes-Benz of Cary chose the best three still on the shelves: Zymol, Turtle, and Mother’s. Among these options, you truly cannot go wrong.

Interior Care

You’ve washed your car and have been judicious with parking, as well as rinsed the car when needed, but on those gorgeous days when the trees and shrubs are painted with bloom – the sun sporadically peeking through – you keep the windows down. Bad move, hombre. At times, the amount of pollen may require a shop vacuum; however, a household canister vacuum with an upholstery attachment might serve you better. A damp cloth can remove the majority of the dust on the dashboard and around the gauges.

The “prime time” for pollen falls between 5:00-10:00 A.M.

Most cars manufactured after the year 2000 have an interior screen to filter pollen and other pollutants. They are usually located under the hood near the base of the windshield or behind the glove compartment, and your owner’s manual will explain how to do it and how often. It is important to the health of your car and mitigation of pollen-related issues that you maintain these filters because pollen bits are easy for them to trap. Keep in mind that some brands manufacture their vehicles with this capability but do not install them with actual filters, so check with your automotive brand to find out.

An additional friendly tip: set the air conditioner to recirculate when possible, so you can avoid pulling in more pollen bits.

We hope this simple tips help you steer clear of (Oh! Driving pun!) pollen and other seasonal issues. As always, if you need additional answers or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our service department here at Mercedes-Benz of Cary.

Pollen is a nuisance for more reasons than what it will do to your car. Here are some additional links for those of you concerned about allergies.

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