Zero to 60 presents the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-300

There are few things we love discussing more than a new Mercedes-Benz. Especially when that new Benz is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E 300. Why? Because it’s a big update. The new E 300 is faster, more technologically advanced, and better on gas than its predecessor, and we like that. Let’s start by taking a look at […]

mercedes benz cary art

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz of Cary Visual Art Scholarship Recipients

Fifteen; that’s the number of scholarships Cary Visual Art (CVA) has awarded to young Cary artists. $2,500; that’s the amount of money each scholarship awards. And, five; five recipients of the 2016 Young Cary Artists Scholarship – five artists whose incredible work you’ve got to see. But before you do, we’d like to note that artistry […]

When you’re a kid, bikes are great. They offer freedom, mobility, fun, and street cred. Then you become a teenager and cars become the thing. Finally, you become an adult and cars become more about errands and commuting. But what if bikes could be for adults, too? How bikes offer a different kind of freedom […]

6 Steps to Ruining Your Car’s Internals

Don’t Get Gas Until You’re On Empty Dirt and impurities settle in the bottom of your gas tank. If you drive until empty, your fuel pump has to work harder to dredge the tank, and your fuel filter has to work harder to strain these particles out. This can cause your pump and filter to […]

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