When you’re a kid, bikes are great. They offer freedom, mobility, fun, and street cred. Then you become a teenager and cars become the thing. Finally, you become an adult and cars become more about errands and commuting.

But what if bikes could be for adults, too?

How bikes offer a different kind of freedom

Raleigh’s city council is debating whether to accept $1.6 million in federal money to purchase and install a bike sharing system in Raleigh. The system would put 30 stations throughout downtown, NC State, the NC Museum of Art, and eventually the new Dorothea Dix park.

This will create a fleet of 300 bikes that can be picked up any time for use around town. The link above contains a thorough study made for the city of Raleigh in the spring of 2014 about implementing this system in our city.

And best of all, it’s free! The $1.6 million federal grant would pay for the whole thing. Corporate donors are being secured to handle the annual operating and maintenance costs, and so far Citrix and Rex Health have volunteered.

Where can I learn more about biking in Raleigh today?

BikeRaleigh.org is a great resource. They have a blog, maps of biking routes, news about events, ways to get involved with the bike share plan, and a list of businesses that offer rewards when you sign up for the bicycle benefits program.

You can get 10% off your coffee at Benelux, free chips and salsa at Centro, 20% off your entrée at PieBird, and a whole lot of other stuff.

If you’re already a biker, you also probably know about the folks over at Oak City Cycling near Yellow Dog Bakery and Standard Foods. OCC is a fantastic bike shop that can help you with repairs, new bike parts, and a laid-back connection to bicycling culture in Raleigh.


Get involved! As soon as February is over (and we promise that it will end) the days will get warmer, the sun will shine brighter, and your legs will be looking for a chance to strengthen.

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