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Mercedes-Benz Won’t Mess with the G-Wagen

Quick, name the Mercedes-Benz model that’s been in production for the longest amount of time. Did you say the Unimog because if so, you are correct. That’s not what this blog post is about, though. It’s about the second-longest running Mercedes-Benz, the much more recognizable and consumer-beloved G-Class. The Geländewagen is an old industry stalwart, […]

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ML350 Blends the Best in Automotives

The puffy blanket of clouds suspended the sun’s brightness, encouraging the breeze and spring-greenery to make a jacket seem almost necessary on this gauzy May day. The dealership we were headed to—Mercedes-Benz of Cary—sits at the bottom of a hill. There’s a giant roundabout in front of it that’s great for seeing how much grip […]

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2014 Heralds the End of Enticing Section 179 Deductions

The approaching New Year heralds major changes for small business tax deductions. Section 179, a much lauded federal government initiative, expires on December 31st, 2013. This specific section of the Stimulus Bill introduced in 2008 encourages small business owners to invest in their own companies. It provides the extra incentive of a full deduction during […]

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