Zetros: Mercedes-Benz’s Mobile Fortress of Luxury

If you have any fear – though incredibly illogical – that the frightening undead apocalypse depicted in The Walking Dead could happen, it seems as though you’re not alone. Two Mongolian businessmen requested that Mercedes-Benz build a self-sustained, mobile fortress equipped with supreme luxury. Though the price is undisclosed, it is safe to assume that only the “1%” could afford this beast. It is known as the Zetros 2733.

The Zetros 2733 has three axles; thus, it essentially is a six-wheel-drive behemoth. Beneath the hood sits a 7.2-liter diesel inline six-cylinder that generates 326 horsepower and an astounding 959 lb-ft of torque. It’s important to supply tremendous power to the wheels when there are hordes of zombies blocking your path. This tsunami of torque is delivered through an Allison-sourced six-speed automatic or a hydraulically shifted nine-speed; the nine-speed utilizes eight forward gears, as well as a gear for crawling. All differentials can be mechanically locked.

Now, if you’re surviving in a despairing world of the reanimated, having luxurious quarters in which to live is likely a much desired comfort. Owning a Zetros 2733 offers an RV-like space chock full of features that would make you the envy of all your friends – who weren’t devoured. Two flat-screen televisions, heated marble floors, Bose sound system, shower, and much more await. It is an extravagant life packaged in a vehicle made for dire circumstances.

The living space is powered by a diesel generator or by battery. Fear not, should those fail, for the Zetros boasts solar panels installed on the roof.

You may be asking yourself one question: For what reason did these businessmen build such a tank?

Fox hunting.

Yes, they claim to use the vehicles to hunt foxes in the various terrains of Mongolia. We have one question: What sort of monstrous foxes live in Mongolia?

If you had a Zetros 2733, what would you have Mercedes-Benz install to custom fit it?

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