Luxury Air Travel: Mercedes-Benz EC145 Airbus

Mercedes-Benz cultivated a reputation for elegance, power, and beauty. Each year heralds a new generation of Bavarian beauties, pushing the envelope in design and engineering. We marvel at its capabilities behind the wheel while staring with reverence at the lavish features. No matter the trim level, every model deserves admiration and care.

It also remains deeply entrenched with racing, which has allowed the AMG division to thrive. These high-powered vehicles boast performance of another realm. Mercedes-Benz even assigns trained mechanics to build the engine by hand, also requiring exclusive dealerships to have their mechanical technicians trained for repairs in Germany.

If that weren’t enough, the company also introduced its first armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The Guard. A veritable tank of steel plating and bullet-proof glass that can withstand automatic gunfire, as well as absorb grenade concussions. This vehicle seems to be the spawn of some mysterious black market arm of Mercedes-Benz.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce the Mercedes-Benz Airbus EC145 (a helicopter). Only marked by a miniscule silver label of Mercedes-Benz Style on the flank – and one in chrome on the door sill plates – the Airbus is the quintessential vehicle for a dramatic get-away.

Merceces-Benz tasked Stefano Tam with “creating new, non-automotive design collaborations with other manufacturers who are on the same level as Mercedes-Benz.” Tam, the Project and Design Manager, surpassed all expectations with his Airbus EC145.

The EC145 houses an impressive leather scheme across surfaces, bin covers, and headliner with artful color contrasts. Ambient lighting, of customizable colors, adds a soft hue that complements the interior. Just as seen in most Mercedes-Benz car models, this helicopter has strategically placed round ventilation outlets. For some added elegance, wood (or a wood-like material) is amply supplied throughout the cabin. Supple seating capable of sliding fore and aft may also be reconfigured to seat as few as two passengers and as many as eight.

On the exterior of the EC145, the engineers spared no effort in augmentation. A flame-surfaced paint and carbon-fiber landing gear add a lustrous sheen and boost the safety of flying. Consumers can enjoy all of this for only $8 million.

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