Do You Believe in Magic? Mercedes-Benz MAGIC SKY CONTROL

Clarke’s Third Law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why Mercedes-Benz innovations often wear that label. MAGIC SKY CONTROL® is one such innovation that we think deserves a closer look.



In a normal car, a sunroof is ordinary. It has a sunshade that you pull over it to keep out the heat or that you pull back to let in some natural light.

In a Mercedes-Benz, you’re in control. MAGIC SKY CONTROL® consists of two panes of glass that enclose a fluid particle field. Normally, the glass is opaque, blocking light and heat from getting into the car. When you flip a switch to activate the sunroof, the particle field is imbued with electric current that causes the particles to align and become transparent. Passengers will enjoy the clear sky and the open-air feeling that comes with it.

Switch the current off again and the particles will resume their random positioning, blocking light and heat. This is all controlled with a simple switch on the overhead control panel. Turning the vehicle off will automatically darken the roof as the power is cut.

This technology is for more than just show. Mercedes-Benz tested it one of the most extreme environments on Earth, Death Valley. There, it withstood temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. They used a device to measure the “solar load” on the vehicle. Outside, the test car was inundated with 1000 W per square meter. With the roof in transparent mode, the inside of the car experienced only 200 W per square meter, and in tinted mode, a mere 40 to 50 W per square meter. That means only five percent of the light and heat are getting in through the roof.

For a video of MAGIC SKY CONTROL® in action, visit the Mercedes-Benz Tech Center, here.


MAGIC SKY CONTROL® is available on the SLC-Class and SL-Class, and it is offered as an option on select S-Class models. We encourage you to visit Mercedes-Benz of Cary for a firsthand demonstration of this incredible technology.

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