Mercedes-Benz Combines a C111, Fashion, and Humor

Mercedes-Benz recently published one of the funniest commercials we’ve ever seen. If you watched Super Bowl XLIX, you probably saw this ad titled “Fable.”

In the video, the Mercedes-AMG GT acts as a deus ex machina for the tortoise of Aesop’s famous “The Tortoise and the Hare” story. Those of you with keen memories probably know that the tortoise won anyway. His use of Mercedes-AMG’s new coupe is largely unnecessary, used mostly as a prop to set up some ill-advised puns and gratuitously CGI’d animal gags. There’s also a moment where it inexplicably leaps into the air, which we assure you is not a standard feature.

Now you might be wondering, what about that is so funny? Not a whole lot, and we weren’t actually talking about “Fable” in our opening line. We were talking about the ad, “A Fistful of Wolves.”

Directed by Danny Sangra, this ad is most easily explained by its description:

“The new Fashion Creatives film features the C111 and Justin O’Shea, buying director at online fashion store, as well as the Chipperfield brothers and fashion editors Veronika Heilbrunner and Julia Knolle. On the cusp of the Fall/Winter 2015 edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Justin finds himself caught up in the clichés of fashion advertising. It’s serious and dramatic: he runs in slow motion, talks about his emotions and the hype that surrounds him. Good to know that he can always rely on Veronika and his circle of friends to bring him back to the real world.”

Sadly, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin has already passed, but you can learn more about the event at the official website. Just remember that it’s ok for men to talk about their feelings and to wake up on the fashionable side of the bed.

We can assure you that the Mercedes-AMG GT will be high fashion once it arrives at Mercedes-Benz of Cary, so continue following us and be the first to know when it gets here.

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