AMG® Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 3: Slalom Driving

It came to our attention this morning that we made a grave error last week. The promised weekly episode of the Mercedes-Benz AMG® Driving Academy Performance Series was neglected. Our teams politely requests that you liken this mistake to The Walking Dead’s mid-season break – you know, an opportunity to get some perspective in preparation for an awesome second half.

MB Driving Academy

The third installment of this series, we promise, is well worth the wait.

Our host, Tommy Kendall, takes us onto the course for some slalom driving and explains the important connection between tire contact patch and weight transfer. The rudimentary premise is this: while the steering wheel is your primary method to manage slalom driving, how you attack the accelerator can be to your benefit or detriment. To successfully master this technique while behind the wheel, you want more weight in the front of the vehicle while turning and less in the front when coming out of it.

We want you to keep in mind that these videos were produced to demonstrate some of the curriculum of the AMG® Driving Academy. While some of these techniques presented in each episode may assist you in an emergency situation (e.g. avoiding a collision), these vehicles perform on a closed-circuit track with professional drivers. Okay, we feel better now.

Should any of these videos interest you in researching more about the AMG®, we encourage you to come down and speak with one of our brand ambassadors at Mercedes-Benz of Cary – the only Mercedes-Benz dealership in the area with AMG® models and AMG-trained technicians. You may also refer to the AMG link on our website for a little reading on the subject.

We hope you enjoy the Mercedes-Benz AMG® Driving Academy Performance Series Episode Three: Slalom Driving:

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